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Injeq IQ-Needle™ for Lumbar Puncture


Lumbar puncture takes a leap to the future as Injeq announces IQ-Needle™ with novel real-time target alert for spinal fluid (CSF).


Injeq IQ-Needle™ connected to Injeq BZ-301 analyzer provide information about the tissue at the tip of the needle and also sound an alert when the tip of the needle touches spinal fluid. The alert helps the physician to avoid unnecessary needle movements close to spinal nerves, thus punctures can be performed safely and highest quality spinal fluid (CSF) samples can be expected.

The alert also means that manual process of removal and reinsertion of stylet to check for spinal fluid flow can largely be avoided. This enables a smoother and faster puncture which increases comfort for both physician and patient.
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Injeq IQ needles and measurement devices are available for research purposes (both sterile and non-sterile). For more information on availability and research collaboration, please contact us.